About Us

Our Mission Statement is to provide an affordable, accessible and high-quality primary healthcare service through a modern website portal, making medical advice just a click away. 

We developed ClickGP.net to ensure that our clients receive the right health advice at a time that suits them. ClickGP was founded by British trained General Practitioners, who are based in the United Kingdom. We have extensive experience of working in British National Health Service. We believe that this experience gives us the tools and knowledge to provide an online doctor service that works for our clients.

Our founding doctors have extensive experience in the in-hour and out-of-hour environments of General Practice. We also have significant expertise in healthcare quality management, which makes us well-qualified to develop a modern video GP service. In everything we do, we have the safety and well-being of our clients as our top priority.

ClickGP is led by Dr Adeel Riaz, who is a senior GP and healthcare manager. We are proud to appoint him as our first CEO. Dr Riaz is passionate to develop our service to become the first port of call for those who wish to speak to a well trained doctor from the comfort of their home, office or on-the-go. ClickGP is designed to work hand-in-hand with our clients’ existing healthcare providers to ensure cohesion, consistency and continuity of care.

ClickGP is an innovative online doctor service designed to give you convenient access to highly trained and GMC registered British General Practitioners at a time that suits you. Our services aim to help you access the right medical advice at the right time.Our online doctor consultations are intended for any medical conditions considered appropriate for traditional GP services.

Our aim is to be the leader in the field of remote healthcare offering access to the masses at affordable prices.

Need a little bit more information? We’ve got it covered

ClickGP is open for applications, simply send in your CV and we’ll get back to you with further details as soon as possible!