Frequently Asked Questions

There are no barriers to signing up with ClickGP. Whatever your health requirements or symptoms, our fully trained online doctors are here to help. However, we will require consent from a parent or legal guardian for consultation, if you are 16 years old or younger.

Our aim is to make ClickGP as straightforward and accessible as possible. That’s why booking a consultation at a time that suits you is easy. Anyone who is registered with us has access to book their GP appointment online. Appointment requests are subject to availability.
All our online doctor consultations are conducted via video conferencing. To schedule a consultation, register to create an account. Once you’re fully registered, you will be able to book an appointment at a time that is convenient to you. Please note that appointments are subject to availability.

ClickGP is an online GP service. That means we can assess symptoms that you would commonly visit a traditional GP for. That includes, but is not limited to, minor injuries, asthma, eczema, coughs and colds, anxiety and depression.

If you need more information about the type of conditions we work with, please read our scope of service or contact us at

Like many GP services, we follow a one appointment, one person and one problem policy. That means our doctors reserve the right to only address one problem during your appointment. This is to ensure that we provide the safest and most effective advice possible for your symptoms. You will need to book another appointment for separate concerns.

In some instances, we may advise that you visit your NHS GP for further assessment. This is because there are some symptoms that need physical examination, which we can’t do through video consultation. ClickGP is not a replacement for your NHS GP service.

It’s worth checking that your symptoms fall into our scope of service before booking a consultation.

Once our online doctors have assessed your symptoms, they may recommend you certain medication. Our doctors would prescribe the required medication and ClickGP team would fax the prescription to your chosen pharmacy. You should be able to pick up the medicine directly from the chemist with in minutes of your consultation with the online GP.

Please note that we will not provide you with the prescription directly, this will be sent to the pharmacy.

No, we do not issue repeat prescriptions. Please see your usual GP for this service.

However, we may be able to provide a one-off prescription for the necessary medication if the situation is urgent and you are unable to obtain your routine prescription from your GP. This will always be at the discretion of our doctors.

No, we are not an emergency service and cannot provide advice in emergency situations. If you require urgent help, please contact 999 or visit your local accident and emergency service.

For situations that do not require urgent medical attention but do not fall into our scope of service, we recommend contacting your NHS GP or the 111 NHS Helpline.

No, we will not share your health information with any third parties. In line with the General Data Protection and Department of Health Regulations, there may be instances in which we are required to legally share your information. For example, we may be ordered by the police to do so or it may be clinically necessary to share it with your NHS GP.

Otherwise, your information is safe and secure when you use ClickGP.

We want everyone to be able to see one of our doctors when they need to. That’s why we’ve made it as affordable as possible to talk to a doctor online. We have a variety of different payment options that are designed to suit your requirements.

Prices start from £25. View our Payment Plan page for more information. We also have family and group discounts available. Please email for a bespoke quote.

Yes, you can change your appointment. As long as you contact our admin team at least 2 hours before your booked time, we can change the date and/or time at no extra cost. There may be a charge if you cancel or change your appointment within 2 hours of the booked time.

Yes, all of our online doctors are fully licensed and registered to practice in the United Kingdom. They also have extensive experience in working in primary care settings, which means they have the expertise to assess your symptoms and provide medical advice.

Our experienced GPs are on the General Medical Council GP register and hold MRCGP qualification as a minimum criterion.

Yes, there are some conditions we can’t assess. This is because we are not an emergency service, as well as the fact that there are some limits to video consultation.

If you are experiencing severe bleeding, loss of consciousness, chest pains, breathing difficulty, severe headaches, seizures or loss of vision, we advise that you dial 999 in an emergency or 111 for the NHS Helpline.

Please note that we can’t provide palliative care, prescribe controlled drugs or assist in severe depression or suicidal thoughts. Please contact your health care professional or 999 as necessary.

We want all our clients to be able to fully utilise our service. For this reason, no refunds are given if appointments are missed without notice. The full fee is applicable for missed appointments. If you missed your pre-booked appointment due to an emergency, we may consider refunding your fee. We will need proof of your emergency and all refunds are issued at the discretion of the ClickGP admin team.

The fee we charge is for our doctor’s time, expertise and advice. That means a fee will be applicable, even if your symptoms fall outside of our scope of service or there are limits due to video consultation.

Please be advised that this only applies to members who do not have a payment plan in place (those that pay for one-off consultations only).

Please note that the ClickGP is a private independent service and we provide private prescriptions. We do not charge anything fpr the prescription. However you would be paying the actual cost of the drug rather than the fixed NHS prescription cost to the pharmacy of your choice. In most cases, the private medication cost is less than the NHS prescription cost

Yes, we can provide sick notes and letters at your doctor’s discretion. These are always based on their professional clinical judgement and legal obligations. They will be based on the information you provide at the time of your consultation.
Being a ClickGP member does not automatically entitle you to get a certificate or letter if your doctor does not feel there is a clinical need for it. If you do obtain a certificate, letter or sick note, please be advised that there is no guarantee that it will include what you desired, hoped for or understood it would contain.
Please also note that there may be a charge for this service.

Yes, your privacy is of utmost importance to us. That means we keep all your details, both personal and medical, secure.

You will have access to your medical record within ClickGP at all times and can request that your details are removed at any time.

We are an independent healthcare organisation, which means we’re not affiliated with the NHS. ClickGP is not designed to replace your NHS GP or other medical services. We are enthusiastic supporters of our National Health Service and aim to compliment the great work NHS GPs are doing. We wish to work in partnership with your NHS GP to offer a high standard of holistic and modern health care.

With this in mind, we recommend that you share the advice and information from your ClickGP doctor with your local GP. You can download your ClickGP notes, and then either print or email to your NHS GP.

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